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M. Atilla Öner


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Renewable energy-resource development has remained far below hoped goals. It is clear that a multiplicity of technologies will have to be deployed for many years to come and that that large regional variations for preferred approaches will characterize energy-supply scenarios for the foreseeable future. A schedule for new energy-technology developments has been written by Penner (1998) (Penner, S. S., 1998, “United States energy supplies for the 21’st century”, Energy Conversion & Management, Vol .23, No. 24, pp. 71-78.) and shown in Table 1.  

Table 1 may thus be easily updated to provide a revised 2004 perspective for large-scale central power station development, this reflects only in part the priorities set for sustainable development according to the national plans:

1.        cancelled technologies

2.        deferred technologies

3.        long-lived technology additions

Table 2 lists the world-wide energy sources without consideration of utilization efficiencies or technical readiness.