tekhne - scientia - praksis - gnosis - relatio
            claritas - unitas - integritas - consonantia

cogitate incognitum

düşünülmeyeni düşün


M. Atilla Öner


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tekhne - scientia - praksis - gnosis - relatio




the itch to do


the practical knowledge we can use to do things - practical knowledge or skills for doing.


the itch to know


the propositions that we use to explain our world - propositional or scientific knowledge, konwledge for konwledge's sake.


the itch to be


the way we are as we live our lives through these changing times - experimental knowledge for being, to transform social conditions.


the itch to see


the ability to understand symbolically with our hearts and our heads, i.e. insight - metaphoric knowledge - konwledge for seeing or intuiting, i.e. to think with one's heart and feel with one's head.


the itch to relate

  the way we learn to relate, communicate with through belonging, through love. It is the reason for engaging dialectic conversation to find ways to relate authentically to others in the diversity of the worlds in which they exist.